Does Social Media Help or Harm Grades?


Do you have Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook? Or some other kind of social media? If so, you are like many students at UNIS. Do your parents or teachers always tell you to get off your phone? It’s probably because the issue of whether or not having social media is beneficial to students’ academic performance is highly debated. There are many positive and negative opinions regarding social media use by high school students and how it may affect grades.

Having social media can be a relief for stress and can take your mind off of whatever is worrying you, especially regarding school, even if only for a little while. If you have been working on lab report or Internal Assessment for hours and want a short break, something that takes less time than watching TV or going out, briefly checking social media can be a good way to pause your work. For some people, posting on social media or scrolling through a feed can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. This can lead to being calmer throughout school, which can be especially useful when taking and studying for exams and could potentially lead to an improvement in grades.

Additionally, internet access and social media allow for students to be in constant contact with one another. Let’s say you come across a question while studying or doing homework. You don’t need to wait until school to answer your question, all you need to do is message a friend. Many classes have group chats or Facebook groups, exhibiting how social media can be an effective tool for learning. With an increased ability to communicate at any moment, students can study more successfully and be a part of community, further improving their grades.

On the other hand, social media can distract and disrupt work, eventually negatively affecting your grades. If a student has their phone with them at all times, they may take too many breaks and not work for extended periods of time just so they can check social media. Seeing a post about something that worries you, such as your friends hanging out without you, can make you stressed and anxious. Furthermore, after posting something, you may be worried it isn’t getting as many likes or comments as you wish it would, making you wonder if it wasn’t a “good” post. Even after putting your phone down, you may continue to think about whatever you saw that made you upset. As such, you will not focus as well on your work and hence may not complete it to the best of your ability. Additionally, being in a stressful conversation with someone over Facebook messenger or Snapchat can also aggravate anxiety. This ability to communicate at all times may be a burden because even when you should be working, you are multitasking and messaging friends. All of these factors contribute to the reason why some people argue that social media harms grades.

Ultimately, social media’s effect on grades varies depending on the person. Everyone studies and focuses differently and it is essential to know what is best for yourself. Despite the many negative and positive aspects of social media, whether it acts as a way to relax or causes stress is completely based on each individual.