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  • April 19Poetchella '21 promises to be best festival of the year.
  • April 19T3 students set to take final exams.
  • April 19Graduation to be held on June 4th in Central Park.
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The #FufuChallenge: A Perpetuation of the Demeaning of African Culture

By Temisola Akinwande, Contributing writer May 3, 2021

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity” – Jonathan Safran Foer, American Novelist The Covid-19 lockdown has allowed people all over the globe to unleash their creativity...

A screengrab from UNIS's new election hub.

UNIS Launches Election Hub!

By Anyue Zhang, Opinion section editor May 3, 2021

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, so do Student Council elections! For us as students, this is an opportunity to engage in a democratic process and elect peers who will represent our needs...

“I am not a virus,” a mixed-media artwork by Sophie Hafter.

I am Here for You: Understanding AAPI Violence

By Sophie Hafter, Contributing writer April 28, 2021

As a young female Asian-American, this past year, I have been horrified at the violent attacks on Asian communities globally and violence against women that have come to the surface. I was adopted from...

Divided We Stand: The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Learning

Divided We Stand: The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Learning

By Tatiana Barberi, Writer March 30, 2021

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the United Nations International School adopted a plan for hybrid learning that alphabetically divided each grade into two groups. This decision has had both positive and...

Make Your Dream Sandwich and We Will Tell you Which Tut House Math Teacher YOU Are!

Make Your Dream Sandwich and We Will Tell you Which Tut House Math Teacher YOU Are!

By Aphrodite Kuepper March 30, 2021

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When We Lose Our Things, Where Do They Go?

When We Lose Our Things, Where Do They Go?

By Sijia Zhong, Writer March 21, 2021

“Do you see the calligraphy brushes I just put on the table?” a UNIS JUNOC Club student asks helplessly to other club members in the cafeteria after club activities finished. “Where did the ink go?”...

An electoral college map from CNN Politics.

Aftermath: The Legacy of the 2020 Election

By Benjamin Gorisek-Gazze, Writer March 15, 2021

The United States held its 46th presidential election last fall — it took place from November 3rd to November 7th. Late afternoon on November 7th, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was projected...

A selfie of Lele.

73 Questions with Lele Hilaire

By Alexia Dommel, Writer March 15, 2021

  Lele Hilaire is a T1 student who joined the UNIS Queens campus in M4. Today I asked her 73 random questions for you to get to know her better, Vogue style. *** Where’s your favorite place...

Covid Protocols – Real or Performative?

Covid Protocols – Real or Performative?

By Robert Zeleny, Writer March 15, 2021

In an interview with UNISVerse earlier this year, Dr. Brenner said, “Last week we tested almost 1,800 people – we got no positive tests. That suggests we’re not spreading disease among ourselves.”...

Sol Blanco (T3), co-head of SAGA

LGBTQ+ Support at UNIS — Past, Present, and Future

By Maya Mukherjee, Writer March 5, 2021

The coming out of youth icons Jojo Siwa and Elliot Page over the past two months has captured headlines globally and shone a spotlight on the gaps in support for LGBTQ+ teens. The struggles of these adolescents...

An Absurd Existence: Life During a Pandemic

An Absurd Existence: Life During a Pandemic

By Carlos Tavares, Writer March 1, 2021

Images created by Julie Wang The Absurd is the eternal conflict that humanity faces. It is the eternal conflict between the human attempting to find purpose in life and being unable to; of desiring...

Exciting Board and Card Games to Start Off the New Year!

Exciting Board and Card Games to Start Off the New Year!

By Lude Edens, Fun & Games Editor January 28, 2021

With video games gaining more and more popularity, board and card games are often overlooked. Now you might argue that they simply don’t compare to online gaming, but I disagree. Of course, video games...

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