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UNIS’s Gender Divide

By Estela Santos Torres and Lulwah Elhariry March 30, 2022

You know it, we know it, let’s talk about it. In many IB classes and Tut House clubs at UNIS, there tends to be a specific gender dynamic in terms of the female to male ratio. Why might this be the...

IB Advice to T2s

IB Advice to T2s

By Anyue Zhang and Emma Backbier February 7, 2022
It is always more beneficial to follow your interests rather than focus on the difficulty of the course. What can you see yourself doing and investing your time into for the next two years?
How’s Remote Learning From Remote Lands?

How’s Remote Learning From Remote Lands?

By Estela Santos Torres, Copy Editor June 18, 2021

Over the past year, many UNIS students have chosen to do fully remote learning. For some, it was the distance from their home to school that impacted their choice. There are students currently living in...

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What do Remote-Only Students Think of Testing?

By Sijia Zhong, Writer January 27, 2021

From March 2020 up until summer break, UNIS students attended class online through Zoom due to COVID-19. Since September, UNIS has implemented a hybrid-learning model. Students have been assigned to two...

IB Grading Causes Panic, Ruins Summers

IB Grading Causes Panic, Ruins Summers

By Felipe Tavares September 8, 2020

When the COVID-19 virus struck, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) cancelled the May 2020 final exams, on which, according to the IB subject briefs, 60-80% of the students’ final grades...

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T1s Join Midterm Madness

By Lude Edens April 21, 2020

Exam rooms full of students, being told to start reviewing weeks before, studying for long hours into the night, and, of course, undergoing stress. This is all part of the midterm experience that high...

Math Syllabus Changes for the Class of 2021 -- for Better or Worse?

Math Syllabus Changes for the Class of 2021 — for Better or Worse?

By Yujia Wu January 13, 2020

Math can be fun, even if it is daunting at times. However, the difficulty of math class has changed somewhat. This is partly due to the revision of the math syllabus. This calls into question whether the...

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Importance of Sleep and Good Eating Habits

By Zeran Fei January 6, 2020

Take a moment to think about what was the last thing you ate for lunch at school. Was it a sandwich? Chicken? Ice cream? Or maybe nothing at all? Now think about how much sleep you got last night. Did...

Dos and Don’ts to Choosing IB Courses

Dos and Don’ts to Choosing IB Courses

By Eren Levine April 17, 2019

Choosing IB courses can be extremely difficult and pretty scary sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. These are the classes you’re going to be taking for the next two years, so it’s important to...

How to Better Balance School and Sports?

How to Better Balance School and Sports?

By Camilla Keh February 14, 2019

Over the past few decades, college admissions have become increasingly competitive. Whereas the overall average acceptance rate for an Ivy league school (including Cornell, Harvard, etc.) was above 20%...

Tips for Science Students

Tips for Science Students

By Yujia Wu February 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered why we need to learn science in school? Would it ever be useful in real life? But still, parents and colleges expect good grades. Even if you hate or are extremely fascinated with...

Resources for IB Sciences

Resources for IB Sciences

By Sora Kanosue November 18, 2018

At first glance, taking science classes in the IB can seem like an intimidating ordeal, full of IAs, tests, and lab reports. However, there are a few tips and resources that can help alleviate some of...

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