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The #FufuChallenge: A Perpetuation of the Demeaning of African Culture

By Temisola Akinwande, Contributing writer May 3, 2021

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity” – Jonathan Safran Foer, American Novelist The Covid-19 lockdown has allowed people all over the globe to unleash their creativity...

“I am not a virus,” a mixed-media artwork by Sophie Hafter.

I am Here for You: Understanding AAPI Violence

By Sophie Hafter, Contributing writer April 28, 2021

As a young female Asian-American, this past year, I have been horrified at the violent attacks on Asian communities globally and violence against women that have come to the surface. I was adopted from...

Sol Blanco (T3), co-head of SAGA

LGBTQ+ Support at UNIS — Past, Present, and Future

By Maya Mukherjee, Writer March 5, 2021

The coming out of youth icons Jojo Siwa and Elliot Page over the past two months has captured headlines globally and shone a spotlight on the gaps in support for LGBTQ+ teens. The struggles of these adolescents...

He Said, She Said, They Said: Why Proper Pronoun Protocol Matters

He Said, She Said, They Said: Why Proper Pronoun Protocol Matters

By Felipe Tavares, Writer February 25, 2021

Pronouns are a basic part of any language and have existed for as long as verbal communication has. So why is it that in 2020, after millenia of use, they are still a topic of conversation, with Merriam...

Editorial: Our Response to Criticism of Anti-Racism

Editorial: Our Response to Criticism of Anti-Racism

February 1, 2021

At UNISVerse we understand the harm that can be caused by sensational, one-sided reporting and hold ourselves to a higher standard of journalism. We have written a letter that reaffirms our beliefs as...

Photo collage provided by the EIB.

EIB Explained – The Inside Scoop on the Group that’s Been Popping up on all of our Feeds

By Maya Mukherjee October 13, 2020

When the @blackatunis Instagram account first appeared, many in the UNIS community were taken aback that our school wasn’t the inclusive, tolerant safe haven they imagined it to be. Dr. King-Calnek,...

Ms. Rachel Barek (Photo by Liz Jamora)

Rachel Barek (’97) Talks Discrimination

By Felipe Tavares October 11, 2020

As UNIS continues to confront issues of diversity, racism, and inclusion in its community, it continues to be important to reflect on the past. To do that, we have to talk to those who have experienced...

Mr. Alain Sylvain.

Alain Sylvain, Alum and Parent, on Race, Racism, and Diversity at UNIS

By Felipe Tavares August 4, 2020

In the wake of the shocking revelations made by the Black at UNIS Instagram account about the racism and discrimination that’s been endured for years at UNIS, there have been cries for change and improvement...

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