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Book and Beats: A Playlist to Get You Through Midterms

By Anabelle Sulaymanov, Culture editor December 5, 2023

With the weather getting colder and December rolling in, exam week is just around the corner. To help you get in the studying spirit, here are 20 songs to help you study if you like Taylor Swift, Gracie...

Kanye West at Øyafestivalen in 2011

The Rise and Fall of Ye West

Ye West, more commonly known as Kanye West, is a musician versed in many genres of music including hip-hop, rap, electronic, and gospel. West is known for his catchy beats and worldwide hits that have...

Harry Styles for Harrys House

Harry’s House: A Review

By Emma Backbier, Writer June 13, 2022

“Style is the answer to everything [...] to do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art,” echoes the introduction to British singer-songwriter Harry Styles’ sold-out 2021 arena tour. Accompanied...

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