Tips for Science Students

Tips for Science Students

Have you ever wondered why we need to learn science in school? Would it ever be useful in real life? But still, parents and colleges expect good grades. Even if you hate or are extremely fascinated with science, these simple methods below can help you out!

Trust me. My personal struggle as a student new to UNIS, as well as the U.S., forced me to rack my brain for solutions. I didn’t have a great start in biology class last year. As my teacher was aware of my difficulties, she offered me 30 min. of tutorial help twice a week. Consequently, I scored 99% on my final last year!

Here are my tips for getting a stronger grade in science:

  1. Take careful notes in class and discuss any questions with your teacher. Really take the initiative and try to capture the main ideas and important details.
  2. Review everything you did at the end of the week to refresh your memory
  3. Use Quizlet and Khan Academy. Active learning (through testing yourself) helps embed the material into your brain
  4. Go through every worksheet so that you can learn from your mistakes
  5. Let your best friends quiz you so that you are less likely to make an error on the real test/quiz.
  6. Take advantage of the extra tutorial hours that teachers offer, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.
  7. Ask your teachers for more materials to study, such as the exams that former students had taken.

Here is my no-no list:

  1. Don’t just leave class without having asked your questions
  2. Leave any important worksheets or quizzes incomplete in Schoology
  3. Make the same mistakes over and over again

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