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    MizzRoccoFeb 6, 2024 at 09:48

    I feel like gypsy lived a horrible life and she deserves to move on and have a happy life make new memories and just do all the things she never got to do before under the care of her mother dee dee personally if I was ever in them sercumstances I would like to move on live and forget but she feels like she has a story to tell and if she feels like that’s her purpose than go girl!! At the end of the day we all are human and get trauma for all sorts of things but I feel like it’s history repeating it’s self because her mother wanted them to be in the spot light and people are giving her that again

    • C

      Cecelia M CrouchetFeb 16, 2024 at 18:20

      Gypsy deserves to have a good life.