Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker and Ending of the Saga


Star Wars logo by Suzy Rice / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” is one of the most well-known phrases of the Star Wars saga. As people slowly sit down in a dark room, and the theme song of Star Wars begins to play, people shiver from the excitement that lies in the air. The movies have been made into a tradition over the past years. It was known that every other holiday season a new piece of the Star Wars saga would be released into theaters. As Star Wars grew bigger and people became eager for the secrets to be found, even though the Skywalker Saga has ended, there are far more galaxies for us to reach. New TV shows such as The Mandalorian and the animated Clone Wars series, and many more,e will carry on with new Star Wars legends by George Lucas.

As everyone has been eagerly waiting for the moment to come, Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker was finally released on December 20th, 2019. The famous Skywalker Saga movies started in1977 and ended mid-December, just a few months ago. The Saga consists of three trilogies, based on three main characters that evolve throughout the story. The movies have brought a new life and universe to theaters. They played – and still play – a great part in many people’s childhoods. The Star Wars stories expand to a greater universe filled with more gripping action and mysteries for us to discover, they allow us to experience how the three Skywalkers of the saga learn The Force and what it is that they are destined to be in the Star Wars universe.

But what does ending this saga really mean to people?

According to Alban De Abreu Leys, a T1 student, he did not enjoy the last episode as much as he did the ones before. He states that Rise of the Skywalker is not what he expected: “I did not like it because there were things and facts quickly added to the very last movie. For example that Rey was suddenly a Palpatine, and that the Sith lord still survived after all these years – too much at once,” he says. “Also, the reason why I did not like this movie, was because of the out of nowhere love story between the two main characters. The kiss at the end was awful, it was too much to handle and not really what I expected as an ending to the whole saga.”

Another T1 student, Ravin Jinnski, who is also a big Star Wars fan, says that he enjoyed the movie. “It was a good end to the Skywalker Saga,” he says. “However, I do think that it was a little crammed in, they made Palpatine a little useless. And my problem was that Ben Solo’s redemption wasn’t really that full. But as a movie, it was quite good.”

He was asked how he felt about the idea of the ending of the Saga, now that the story is complete and done. “I was definitely sad, because Star Wars is such a big part of my life and I’ve loved it so long.”

Many fans were either disappointed by or loved the last movie, which officially ended the famous saga. Over the many years, the movie experience was made in and out of theaters, and allowed viewers to explore a world created from George Lucas’s imagination. Star Wars has been part of many childhoods and continues to do so today. Although the journey of the Skywalkers has come to an end, Star Wars will still be there in our hearts.

May the Fourth be with you.