Zooming in on “Technical Difficulty” Claims


Image by Eren Levine.

Over the two weeks that UNIS has been conducting online learning, numerous people have reached out to the administration with concerns, feedback, and questions. One recurring question surrounded teacher disappearances, as multiple students reported that their teachers were not able to join the Schoology class session. After receiving such feedback, the strange news was investigated upon. The results concluded that the disappearances were due to connection errors and glitches in the school’s online learning software. In order to adjust accordingly, the administration decided to install a new online learning platform for students and teachers to work on. However, upon further investigation, detective work, and deep dive undercover sleuthing, it was discovered that flimsy internet connectivity was not the problem at all.

Despite the previous conclusion of connection error, new information has emerged surrounding such teacher “disappearances.” It has been uncovered that instead of joining lessons, teachers have been collectively rewatching the Netflix original reality series Love is Blind. As stated most graciously by Tut House teacher Adele Peasie, “despite somewhat regretting disappearances, the COVID-19 pandemic caused me to prioritize what needed prioritizing.” And that was the vigorous re-watching of the rather enlightening and sophisticated show.

Other sources — such as Tut House teacher Mike Umputer — have stated that after finishing the show for the first time, it was necessary for them to rewatch it in order to unpack each and every one of “the deep emotional bonds that were created” as well as “Jessica’s … questionable actions.” In light of these discoveries, a representative of the school administration has reported that “appropriate measures will be taken in order to solve this unprecedented issue”.

For now, who can blame them? The world is facing a pandemic. The amount of cases of the coronavirus is soaring in New York City. Here one must consider, are these teachers truly at fault? Or are they simply facing this issue the only way they know how? Not by figuring out how to work and understand BigBlueButton software, but by re-watching the splendid tale of drama, love, and loss: Love is Blind.