HeforShe Photoshoot Exhibit


The HeforShe Photoshoot Exhibit took place on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. The collection was comprised of a series of photos taken by the HeforShe club that addressed issues of gender and LGBTQ violence. The project was a continuation of the photoshoot that took place in Spring 2018. Irene Segone introduced the project at the exhibition and stated:

It started out as a simple discussion on gender inequality within the UNIS HeForShe club and how it’s omnipresent is an issue. Looking back at previous projects organized by the school’s club, such as the film festival and the fashion show, we got the idea to have a photoshoot to focus on a specific aspect of gender inequality, which is gender-based violence.

The exhibit was organized in sections that were each concerned with a different topic discussed in the club. The first section portrayed gender stereotypes and expectations, the second focused on economic inequality in sports, the third on child marriage and and domestic abuse, and the last on prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

The exhibit was privileged enough to have Ms. Dinal Limbachia, a He For She and UN Women representative, speak about the HeforShe campaign as well as “why it is important to live in a world where all genders are actively working for gender equality”, said Segone.

Segone ended the introduction with an inspiring statement about the goal of  the exhibition:

By changing how we perceive people and by being open about changing our mindset, we can change the societal norms that box people and discriminate them.