Veselka Restaurant Review


Veselka is a hip, old world style and family run restaurant that dishes out Ukranian classics, such as hearty bowls of borscht and delicious plates of pierogies to satisfy all your  cravings. The venue is a cozy space consisting of a counter/ coffee shop area that gives the place a homey feel. There are a plethora of dishes to choose from on the extensive menu.

The borscht is a chunky soup with pieces of beets, bits of savory beef, and lima beans. With sour cream to add some creaminess to the stew, it truly makes a great appetizer. Although the kitchen sometimes fails to serve the soups warm, they are still as tasty as ever. After all, you don’t go to Veselka for fine dining, but rather for homey comfort food, and that’s exactly what you get (Borscht $4.95 for a cup).

The potato pancakes were perfectly crisp on the outside and had a satisfying crunch. The pancakes are served with cups of applesauce and sour cream to add some flavor (potato pancakes $12). There is a vast selection of pierogies to choose from including meat, potato, cheese, sauerkraut-mushroom, etc. There are two ways that the pierogies are served, fried or boiled. The fried pierogies are more filling and generally tastier. The meat and sauerkraut-mushroom pierogies are earthy and exhibit umami flavors galore. However, when the pierogies are slathered in sour cream and blanketed with caramelized onions, it adds sweetness and creaminess that creates a delectable symphony of flavors.

On top of the wonderful food, the service was excellent and our waiter was extremely polite and attentive. The only problem with this venue is that there is always a line at lunch/dinner time and many people have to wait outside. In short, Veselka is the place to go for a filling, hospitable meal in the East Village at any time of day from dusk till dawn.

Finally, the final score. Veselka earns itself a 2/4 on the price section (dishes being a little pricey). It also earns a 2/4 on the fun factor scale, because it’s just an ordinary restaurant with nothing too special. I give it a 3/4 on convenience because although it is still a sit-down restaurant, the food comes rather quickly.  (Entrees from $7- $18.50)