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Painting by Suhani Bhatt

Carry on, as if Nothing Really Matters: A Poem

By Suhani Bhatt, Copyeditor April 12, 2024

Carry on, as if Nothing Really Matters Life, an intricate mosaic. Each moment, each path, each trial, a tesserae, an adhesive, a grout. Shaping the essence of the mortal body.   Everyone...

Art by Lewa Omilola

The Pros and Cons of BookTok

By Nysa Saxena and Ananya Ghose March 16, 2024

Appearing in some of the biggest US Newspapers such as the The New York Times and The Washington Post, as well as entire aisles in some of the world’s biggest bookstores, BookTok has without a doubt...

Whats Wrong With Us?: A Poem

What’s Wrong With Us?: A Poem

By Temisola Akinwande, Editor-in-chief January 15, 2024

After the worst pandemic known to Man, One would assume we will cherish our human clan, Alas, it’s total conflagration, Among nations.   After the pandemic mourning, We are now normalizing, Outright...

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