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  • April 19Poetchella '21 promises to be best festival of the year.
  • April 19T3 students set to take final exams.
  • April 19Graduation to be held on June 4th in Central Park.

2020-2021 Staff

Profile Picture of Clara Scholl (SM-PNY000183)

Clara Scholl

Profile Picture of Sophia Lenczowski (SM-PNY000184)

Sophia Lenczowski

Profile Picture of Summer King (SM-PNY000184)
Managing Editor

Summer King

Shintaro Murase (2019)
Publicity Manager

Shintaro Murase

Currently a student of United Nations International School, Class of 2021. Member of UNISVerse since T2 and Publicity Manager since T3. Founder of the Publicity Manager position. In charge of UNISVerse's social media. President of...

Profile Picture of Madi Aye (SM-PNY000148)
Copy Editor

Madi Aye

Profile Picture of Tara Byrne (SM-PNY000066)
Visual Editor

Tara Byrne

Profile Picture of Lude Edens (SM-PNY000186)
Fun & Games Section Editor

Lude Edens

Profile Picture of Anyue Zhang (SM-PNY000187)
Opinion Section Editor

Anyue Zhang

Profile Picture of Aphrodite Kuepper (SM-PNY000188)
Features Section Editor

Aphrodite Kuepper

Profile Picture of Aki Gaythwaite (SM-PNY000024)
Arts & Culture Section Editor

Aki Gaythwaite

Profile Picture of Allison Shih (SM-PNY000077)
Academics Section Editor

Allison Shih

Profile Picture of Estela Santos Torres (SM-PNY000189)
News Section Editor

Estela Santos Torres

Matthew Herman
Faculty Advisor

Matthew Herman

I am the advisor to The UNISVerse, as well as an English Teacher at the United Nations International School  

Profile picture of Maya Din (SM-PNY000250)

Maya Din

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