Advice for Students Facing Depression


We all know what depression means. It is a mental illness that currently plagues over 300 million people worldwide and causes serious impairments in people’s daily activities. If you are feeling the pressure, here are some tips on how to juggle depression and the IB workload.

Dr. Amy Horowitz, an UNIS Tut House psychologist, offered her insight into the seriousness of the problem as well as some advice. “Depression and anxiety seem to be on the rise in New York, and at UNIS its an issue. You know when it is a bigger problem when it starts to significantly impact their daily lives. Not just their grades but also how they function at school.” According to the Center for Discovery, suicide is the third-leading cause for teenage death, and 20% of teenagers experience depression before they reach adulthood. When asked to give advice for students juggling depression and school, Dr. Horowitz said, “The first step is to start prioritizing self-care because you cannot do any school if you’re not taking care of yourself. The main thing is sleep (getting 8 hours a day even at the expense of assignments), eating meals, and being healthy, exercising, spending time with loved ones (pets included), and making time for fun. If you start these things, we usually find that people’s symptoms decrease and school suddenly becomes more manageable. Another thing that I highly recommend is to tell someone at school in order to have a team behind you like your counselor, myself or another school psychologist.” Dr. Horowitz even revealed that there is a wellness board with tips and advice on how to stay on top of school, how to self-care as well some hotlines to call if needed. The wellness board can be found in the hallway leading to the offices of Dr. Horowitz, the guidance counselors, and the college office.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to manage school because of depression, anxiety or any other mental illnesses, it may seem hopeless but it may not be a permanent solution. If you practice these tips, then you are more than likely to feel better.